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English 112 4/6/09 1. I am interested in this topic because I am a figure skater. I have seen these rules in action, and have known and seen skaters affected by them. This topic matters to me because being in the skating community, I feel like I should know the rules and why they exist. I also want to look into gymnastics and look into the controversy at the summer games. 2. In my paper I plan on writing about age restrictions in figure skating, and their effect on skating. Some people like the age restriction, holding younger skaters or gymnast back and letting the more experienced skaters and gymnasts compete, . Other officials claim the age limit will help prevent injury. Coaches claim that injury prevention isn’t a valid reason because skaters will still do these moves and jumps in practice. I want to explore and research all of these options and look into them. 3. I want to inform others of the rules in skating, and why this rules may exist. Also how these rules affect others, and the consequences they make. I might want to
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