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Unformatted text preview: English 112 4/28/09 Over the past few years, with advancements made in technology, a new pop culture phenomenon has risen. Text messaging has become increasingly popular, with almost every teen, kid, and even adults participating. Text messaging is popular because it is convenient. It is an instant message to a person’s cellular phone. A text message does not require speaking, making it an easy but impersonal way to get in touch with someone. Texting is the most popular with teenagers between the ages of thirteen and seventeen, with over 1,500 text messages sent and received every month. Most people text because it is more convenient to send a text message, then to talk to the person on the phone or face to face. Some feel it’s easier to communicate via text because it is so impersonal. They feel more comfortable with telling someone how they feel in written form, when they are not with the person. Sometimes people are in situations where they are unable to talk, or go on their computer to get in touch with sometime, so texting is the only appropriate alternative. Sometimes people text because they would be unable to hear a conversation on the phone, or even in person due to various circumstances. Other times people text with each other so others do not know what they are talking about, it’s a way of private communication, which no one else can hear, unless shared with. Even parents are jumping on the text messaging bandwagon in order to keep up with their kids and communicate easily with them. In today’s world so many people text, it would be hard not to. ...
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