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English 112 4/29/09 If you take a look around in a crowded area, chances are you will find someone with their cell phone out. This person, if they are not talking on the phone, are most likely sending or receiving a text message. Text messaging is the name for sending a short message from a mobile phone using the short message service (SMS). Text messaging came to be in the 90s, and slowly began to build popularity. By 2003 millions of cell phone users were actively sending text messages. Today text messaging is a normal thing, with the advancement in technology of cell phones, texting has become easier to do, and more accessible. Text messaging has become a pop culture phenomenon in American culture due to its convenience, fastness, and popularity throughout all ages. Text messaging is so popular due to its convenience. It is an instant message to a person’s phone. When someone sends a text message, it will be delivered in seconds, which is more convenient than a letter or even an e-mail. Since almost everyone carries a cell phone with them at all times, a text message is a guaranteed way of communication. A text message doesn’t require speaking to another person, which is also convenient. It is easier to send a friend a text instead of talking to a person face to face or on the phone. Sometimes people send text messages due to their physical surroundings. If they were to
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textingfinal - English 112 If you take a look around in a...

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