German 13!! - Reading Assignment #13 Novick, To Bigotry No...

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Reading Assignment #13 Novick, “To Bigotry No Sanction,” Pdf file on Spark 1) What is Novick’s main argument for the American obsession with the Holocaust? Why is this argument controversial, given what you know about modern anti-Semitism? Many Jews play an important and influential role in Hollywood, the television industry, and the newspaper, magazine and book publishing worlds, therefore the Holocaust gets a lot of attention in the media. This is controversial because saying this can be seen as anti-Semitic in a way, its almost like saying Jews keep bringing it up on purpose, and also to just limit the Jews to these types of jobs in stereotyping. 2) When did American fascination with the Holocaust begin? In the 1970s 3) What criticisms did leading figures on the Holocaust offer against the media’s appropriation of the Holocaust? Do you agree with their criticisms? How to distinguish between the “use” and “abuse” of the Holocaust and its imagery, and its an appropriate question to ask because if the Holocaust is going to be shown to mass media how do you make it appropriate for a mass audiences of all ages, and knowledge about the event. 4) What was the reaction of Germans to the mini-series Holocaust ? Why did they react this way? It enabled Germans to connect with Jewish victims, and with the crime, reacted this way because it was the first time seeing something like this and understanding. 5)
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German 13!! - Reading Assignment #13 Novick, To Bigotry No...

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