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History Final Review

History Final Review - Political Cartoons Korean War(proxy...

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History Final Review Origin of Cold War - During World war 2, US and USSR united under common goal of defeating the axis powers. After war US began to fear communism and a cold war started between the two countries. The war was considered cold bec. there was no actual fighting between the two countries. The US was nervous about what to do with Stalin, and their was a climate of mistrust. Stalin gave an anti-American speech and gave plans for containment, which Winston Churchill claimed to be called the iron curtain. The countries that were within this curtain were under communist leadership. Some foreign policies passed during this time period included the Truman Doctrine, Marshall Plan, and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. In 1951 the McCarren Internal Security Act was passed which was a law requiring communists to registers with the US attorney generalu Cuban Missile Crisis Tapes Voices From Three Mile Island
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Unformatted text preview: Political Cartoons Korean War- (proxy war) 38 th parallel which negotiated dividing line between north and south Korea, which was the main focus of the fighting in the Korean War Vietnam War- (proxy war) Draft Resistance Peace With Honor McCarthyism- attacks on suspected communists in the early 1950s by Senator Joseph McCarthy and others, which were often based on unsupported assertions and carried out without regard for basic liberties. Foreign policies from Truman to Reagan- Great Society Program Anti Abortion Legislation Contract With America Cuban Missile Crisis ERA Doctrine of massive retaliation- Eisenhower doctrine, nuclear weapons could be used in limited war situations, covert operations and allainces Civil rights movement-Debates Over the Civil Rights Act Brown v. Board of education- court case which overturned Plessy vs. Fergueson End Of Cold War-...
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