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History Midterm Info Introduction- When the civil war ended, the southern states went into a period of Reconstruction. Thesis: Industry, Immigration, and urbanization affected the development of American culture in significant ways from the time of the Gilded Age to the New Deal. Paragraph 1 - Industry was one way that affected the development of American Culture. Entrepreneurs like Andrew Carnegie and John D. Rockefeller used various integration processes to become top business leaders. Social Darwinism- survival of the fittest, people who succeeded in competition did so because they were better biologically. Carnegie used vertical integration with steel, buying out the mines the steel was made in all the way to the sales of the steel on the railroads. He used the motto “cut prices, scoop market, run the mills full.” Eventually he had complete control of the steel making business. Carnegie also promoted individualism to promote good business. Rockefeller on the other hand used horizontal integration, with oil. He was able to establish a monopoly on oil, and eventually created the company Standard Oil. After retiring, Rockefeller became even more popular by expanding into railroads, and real estate. He also decided to expand into vertical integration to have more power in his businesses. Eugene Debs wrote an “Appeal To Reason”, showing his support to the laborers. Debs took a socialist view, and wanted everyone to have the essential needs He felt capitalism was more of a man for himself, therefore many were unable to get those essential needs and support themselves.
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Russell Conwell wrote “Acres of Diamonds” on the side of the business and wealth. He
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History Midterm Info - History Midterm Info...

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