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Legal 297 The event I witnessed involved two white brunette females, coming home from a full day of classes. As the girls walked through the front door into the foyer, their cheeks were bright red from walking outside in the cold. They were discussing the homework they both needed to work on, and the shorter of the two noted that she had an exam to take. Upon walking into the living room and taking off their jackets, revealing the hooded sweatshirts each wore; they noticed that there was a basket of chocolate covered strawberries from a secret admirer on the table. When they noticed the strawberries, both jumped up with excitement. Their faces were like a young child, seeing their Christmas tree with presents from Santa on Christmas morning. As they read the note from the secret admirer, they attempted to guess at whom it could be. When failing to come up
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Unformatted text preview: with a concrete answer, they turned their attention to the elaborately wrapped basket of strawberries. The strawberries were each placed on a stick, which was stuck into the basket. The basket was filled with streamers, and wrapped in cellophane. They unwrapped the cellophane carelessly, crinkling it, while throwing the covering off the package onto the floor. Immediately after opening the package, the sweet smell of chocolate filled the room. After some consideration, they each selected a strawberry and ate it with looks of extreme content on their faces. After eating one strawberry each, they decided to save the rest for their housemates, and left to go upstairs, looking somewhat tired, to work on their homework....
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