legal 297F evaluating facts and truths

legal 297F evaluating facts and truths - Legal 297...

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Legal 297 Evaluating Facts and Truths When examining evidence given in a testimony, the judges and juries need to take great caution. One must make sure that they can distinguish the truth and facts that the witness gives. There are various ways to help the witness recall a certain event, which will only help when making a final decision on the case. Using proper interview techniques, paying attention to the unique sensory details and the emotions of the witness will help the judges and jurors evaluate the claim. One thing to be aware of when evaluating a claim is to acknowledge the way in which the information was collected. While conducting an interview with a witness, whoever is asking the questions must be aware of certain elements in order to have successful and truthful answers. The judges and jurors should take note of how the police interviewed the witness. There are several ways to conduct a successful interview, one thing the police should do is use a certain technique when speaking with a witness, this will make it easier for the witness to remember the event clearly. The interviewer should ask open-ended questions, therefore the witness is not being pushed into answering a question a specific way. Questions like, what happened and what were they wearing, will allow for the witness to reflect and answer on their own terms. The interviewer should also make sure to let the witness volunteer information without having to dominant the conversation with questions. The police should also be sure to speak slowly and
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legal 297F evaluating facts and truths - Legal 297...

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