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legal 397 quiz 3 - No Place To Hide 1 Whats a trigger list...

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No Place To Hide 3/8/10 1. What’s a “trigger list” or “farming kit” in context of data matching / mining by financial services industry? Data matching is the searching of databases for data objects that meet certain criteria. Financial companies, such as banks and credit card companies use data matching to find potential costumers. These companies then divide these costumers into two categories, angels and demons. The angels, also called the “trigger list” is a list of people that match the companies wanted criteria, and members of this list will be used for particular market pitch in order to ensure their business. The demons list is a group of people that companies avoid using. The angels are those who will most likely be unable to pay of their bills and credit cards, which earns these financial companies more money. The devils have good credit history, and will be able to pay their bills on time; therefore they would make no money for these companies.
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