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Critical Review Essay In Cinnamon Carlarne’s article, the United State’s policies on climate change are discussed. The main points she brings up are the Federal Government are not taking action against climate change, and that the states are stepping up and taking action. Her main argument is that the Federal government should mimic the states, by mimicking the policies that various states have. Therefore taking initiative and taking a more active in managing climate change. The United States should take a more active stance on climate change, and initiate policies similar to individual states. Carlarne begins the article analyzing the levels at which climate change happens. The four different levels, grassroots, states, national and international are all various levels in which policies and laws can go into affect. Carlarne writes that at the international level the Kyoto Protocol along with the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) creates the backbone on the international climate change policy. These international policies pushed climate change into a primary topic of discussion. The goals of these policies would only be attainable if the United States put them into affect and other countries followed. Carlarne then goes on to write about legislation happening on the national level. Starting in the 1970’s, American environmental law is relatively new. She writes that the federal jurisdiction over environmental policy is grounded in five arguments that “focus on the benefits of harmonization, uniformity and economies of scale” (Course Packet page 43). The federal government is able to implement authority together with the states, but is less reluctant to share law making and agenda with the states. Pratt 2
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450 Carlarne - March 6, 2011 Critical Review Essay In...

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