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450- assigment 3 gw - February 7, 2011 Legal 450 In recent...

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February 7, 2011 Legal 450 In recent years, global warming or climate change has become known and publicized as a huge problem. According to Random House Dictionary, global warming is an increase in the earth’s average temperature that causes corresponding changes in climate and that may result from the greenhouse effect. Before the industrial revolution the Earth’s climate natural would change due to various factors including volcanic eruptions and it’s orbit. After the Industrial Revolution, humans are responsible for the majority of climate change. These actions are causing the ozone to deteriorate leading to a change in the Earth’s climate. The main factors causing the climate change comes through the use of burning fossil fuels, like oil and coal and the deforestation of tropical forests, By burning fossil fuels like coal and oil to fuel our vehicles, factories, etc., humans have contributed additional greenhouse gases to the Earth’s atmosphere, like carbon dioxide (EPA). These gases prevent the heat from leaving the Earth, and therefore are trapped in the Earth creating the effect glass has on the sunlight in a greenhouse. The greenhouse effect was discovered in 1824 by Joseph Fourler, then in 1895, Svante Arrhenius discovered that one could enhance the greenhouse effect by making carbon dioxide (National
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450- assigment 3 gw - February 7, 2011 Legal 450 In recent...

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