nutrition assignment 4

nutrition assignment 4 - higher) for those nutrients you...

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NUTR 130 Spring Fall 200 8 7 ASSIGNMENT 4 Name: __ Rebecca Pratt ___________________________ Disc. Sect. # _______ ; T.A. ID# ___ 23426572 ___________________ Intake of Selected Vitamins and Minerals From the data you obtained in Assignment #2, complete the contents of the following table and the required evaluations below: Iron (mg) Zinc (mg) Vitamin A (RE*) Vitamin C (mg) RDA/or AI 15 9 700 65 DAY 1 INTAKE 11.6 9.9 598.6 43.2 % of RDA or AI 77.3% 110% 85.5% 66.4% DAY 2 INTAKE 8.5 6.3 897.6 172.7 % of RDA or AI 56.6% 70% 128.2% 265.6% (RDAs and AI’s are also given inside the front cover of the book.) * RE = Retinol Equivalents Evaluations 1. Which of your nutrient intakes are lower or higher than the recommended amounts: Day 1? _ Iron , vitamin A and vitamin C were lower, and zinc was higher, _____________ Day 2? __ Iron and zinc were lower, Vitamin A and Vitamin C were higher __________ 2. What are the deficiency symptoms (if your intake was lower) and toxicity symptoms (if intake was
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Unformatted text preview: higher) for those nutrients you listed under 1. The deficiency symptoms for iron is e n inima, for z inc : growth problem s and immune functions , vitamin a : blindness and vitamin c : scurvy . The toxicity symptoms for zinc are decre a sed appetite and lower HDL . On Day 2 the deficiencies symptoms were animina for iron, and growth problems and immune functions for zinc. The toxicity symptoms for vitamin A are birth defects and low bone density and for vitamin C its GI distress . 1 3. Which foods would you add to each day (if needed) to improve these levels? Why? (Select at least 2 specific foods e.g.: 1 orange or 3 oz. Lean-meat) Day 1: Iron add meats, fish and dried fruit, Vitamin A green orange and yellow veggies Vitamin c citrus fruits Day 2: Zinc add whole grains and fortified cereal and Iron add meats, fish or dried fruit. 2...
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nutrition assignment 4 - higher) for those nutrients you...

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