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nutrition daily intake - NUTRITION 130 Spring 2008...

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NUTRITION 130 Spring 2008 Assignment # 2 Now that you know what foods you eat, it is time to examine your diet. I. Dietary Pattern (servings from each “Food Group” 1. Follow the instructions on the last page (page 3) to determine the number of servings from each food group that you consumed and the recommended amounts (use your actual intakes from each group as recorded in Assignment # 1). 2. Enter the results in the table below. Food Group Recommended Servings Actual Intake Day 1 Day 2 Grains 6 oz 6.3 oz 3.7 oz Fruits 1.5 cup 1.5 cup 4.1 cup Vegetables 2.5 cup 2.4 cup 1.6 cup Milk and Dairy products 3 cup 1 cup 1.9 cup Meats and Beans 5 oz .7 oz .5 oz Oils 0 0 0 Discretionary Calories 0 0 0 3. Evaluate the quality of your diet making sure that you discuss the following: A. Which food groups you need to increase or decrease the number of servings from? I need to increase my number of servings in the milk and dairy products, and the meats and beans. B. What specific foods you need to add to your diet to improve its profile? 1
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I could drink more milk, or other dairy products. I also need to eat more meat, like chicken to help improve my diet. Source of Energy Intake A.i.1. In the table below enter your intake of total calories, grams of protein, carbohydrates and total fat obtained in the results of your diet analysis. A.i.2.
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nutrition daily intake - NUTRITION 130 Spring 2008...

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