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psych11:20 - diminished sex drive body aches Bipolar...

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Pysch notes 11/20/08 Definitions of abnormality -Deviation from the average -Deviation from the ideal -Abnormality as a sense of personal discomfort -Abnormality as the inability to function effectively -Socially, occupationally, interpersonally Organic disorders Having a known organic cause -Impaired memory, reasoning, judgment -Confusion, mood changes, delusions/hallucinations Brain Trauma Cerebral Tumors Brain Diseases -Parkinson’s disease -Meningitis Diseases of Aging -Alzheimer’s Disease -Strokes Psychoactive substances -Alcohol and drugs Mood Disorders Major Depression -Affective symptoms -Sadness, unhappiness, apathy -Cognitive symptoms -Pessimism, guilt, loss of interest, self-denigration, suicidal ideation -Behavioral Symptoms -Neglect of personal appearance, psychomotor retardation, agitation -Physiological -Weight loss or gain, loss or increase in appetite, insomnia or hypersomnia,
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Unformatted text preview: diminished sex drive, body aches Bipolar Disorder-Cycling between depression and mania-Mania-Inflated self-esteem, high energy, flight of ideas, elevated mood, lack of need for sleep, irritability Dysthymia-Low-grade depression Anxiety Disorders Anxiety is predominant symptom Panic Disorder-Unpredictable panic attacks-Agoraphobia Phobias-Strong fears of specific objects or situations-Avoidance-Otherwise no symptoms Post-traumatic stress disorder-Re-experiencing a traumatic event-Intrusive memories and dreams-Sleep disturbances, hypervigilance, startle responses, impaired concentration, temper outbursts Obsessive-compulsive disorder-Intrusive senselessness or embarrassing thoughts-Repetitive behaviors or rituals to reduce anxiety Generalized anxiety disorder-Persistent anxiety and worry-May or may not attach to specific issues...
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