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Psychology Notes 12/2/08 Schizophrenia Bizarre behavior and speech Social withdraw and impaired functioning Psychotic symptoms Severe distortions of reality Disturbed perceptions, thoughts, and emotions Delusions Grandeur Persecution Thought broadcasting or thought insertion Bodily disintegration Delusions of reference Hallucinations Auditory, visual Inappropriate or flat affect, hebephrenic Incoherence; loosening of associations Motor symptoms (catatonic type) Stupor (unresponsiveness), excitement (purposeless motion), posturing (assuming bizarre postures) Personality disorders
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Unformatted text preview: Inflexible and maladaptive personality traits May or may not cause personal distress Antisocial Lack of anxiety and guilt Remorselessly irresponsible, manipulative, hurtful to further own end No regard for social or legal codes Histrionic Self-dramatization Exaggerated emotionality Attention-seeking behavior (inappropriately flirtatious) Often shallow Narcissistic Exaggerated self-regard; sense of superiority or entitlement Hypersensitivity to rejection or insult Lack of sympathy, absorbed with self concerns...
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