pysch test 2 - Consciousness-awareness of the sensations,...

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Consciousness-awareness of the sensations, thoughts, and feelings being experienced at a given moment Electroencephalogram(EEG)-a measurement of electrical activity in the brain and EEG machine shows that our brain is active throughout the night.Stages Of Sleep 1. state of transition between wakefulness and sleep, characterized be relatively rapid, low amplitude brain waves 2. deeper sleep than 1 st stage, characterized by a slower, more regular wave pattern, along with momentary interruptions of “sleep spindles” 3. sleep characterized by slow brain waves, with greater peaks and valleys in the wave pattern than in stage 2 sleep difficult to arouse 4. deepest stage of sleep, during which we are lease responsive to outside stimulation most difficult to arouse, occurs during earlier cycles, sleepwalking Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep- sleep occupying 20% on an adults sleeping time, characterized by increased heart rate, erections, eye movements and the experience of dreaming Dreams are most likely to occur and be most vivid and easily remembered in REM period Average of 150,000 dreams by age 70 Unconsciousness fulfillment theory- Sigmund Freud’s theory that dreams represent unconscious wishes that dreamers desire to see fulfilled Latent content of dreams- according to Freud, the disguised meaning of dreams, hidden by more obvious subjects Manifest content of dreams- according to Freud the apparent story line of dreams Dreams-for-survival theory- suggesting that dreams permit info that is critical for our daily survival to be reconsidered + reproduced during to sleep Reverse Learning Theory dreams have no meaning at all, mental housekeeping Activation-synthesis theory- Hobson’s theory that the brain produces ransom electrical energy during REM sleep that stimulates memories lodged in various portions of the brain Circadianrythms- biological processes that occur regularly on approximately a 24 hr cycle Daydreams- fantasies that people construct while awake Altered state of consciousness include naturally occurring sleep and dreaming as well as hypnotic + drug induced states Using EEG to study sleep scientists have found that the brain is active throughout the night and that sleep proceeds through a series of stages identified by unique patterns of brainwaves. According to Freud dreams have both a manifest content and a latent content A great deal of neural activity goes on during sleep Hypnosis- trancelike state of heightened suspectibility to the suggestions of others Hypnosis can be used to control pain, reducing smoking, treating psychological disorders, assisting in law enforcement Meditation-learned technique for refocusing attention that brings about an altered state of consciousness Leslie repeats a unique sound, known as a mantra, when she engages in mediation Psychoactive drugs-drugs that influence a persons emotions, perceptions and behaviors Addictive drugs-drugs that produces a biological or psychological dependence in the user so that withdrawal
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pysch test 2 - Consciousness-awareness of the sensations,...

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