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soc 1 - skaters’ who are able to complete their jumps and...

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Everyone has different philosophies and views on various subjects. Teachers will have different philosophies of teaching, but will bring out similar results when one compares the classes, or sports coaches will use different techniques for their teams and yield similar results. One example involves sports, with figure skating coaches. There are various techniques with skating, involving different jumps and spins and even just the basic things like forward stroking. There is a European technique and an American technique with skating. Coaches in the skating community usually coach the technique they learned. Therefore coaches from Europe will teach with the European technique, whereas coaches from America will teach with the American technique. All of these coaches produce good
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Unformatted text preview: skaters’, who are able to complete their jumps and spins. Another example is the way the coaches interact with the students. Some coaches are fair with their students, and always offer good advice and keep things positive and light. Other coaches will be a little meaner, sometimes resorting yelling or even ignoring one student who is not skating well to talk to a student who is doing better. Sometimes the students from the mean coach will thrive under the intimidation, which is placed on them. Students form the nicer coach will usually also thrive in those conditions, learning in a good environment. In conclusion, everyone has different philosophies and coaching methods, and in some occasions these different methods produce the same outcome....
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