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Sociology 4/23/09 I sometimes find that I, or one of my friends does better or worse in school, or in finding a job than expected due to various circumstances. Taking out the person’s intelligence and energy as factors, other circumstances such as time, your emotions and feelings, as well your motivation can all affect the outcome. Time is one reason why one of my friends didn’t do as well in a class than she expected. We took the class together in high school, and on top on school she played a sport after school, and then worked as a babysitter every night. She thought she put in enough effort and time to studying and working on homework. When it came to a really big test we had, my friend was incredibly busy preparing for a big game she had coming up, and didn’t spend the time that was required to learn the material. She did study, but
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Unformatted text preview: unfortunately since she was so busy every day she was unable to successfully learn the material as well as she thought she did. Another factor is the person’s emotional state and feeling toward the job. One of my friends was asked to find a summer job by her parents. My friend didn’t really want to get a job, but she looked anyways and her unpleasant attitude toward finding a job resulted in her being unable to get one. Another factor that can affect how someone is able to do better than expected is his or her motivation. Someone may not be the smartest person in the class, but if the subject and material motivate them, they may find themselves unknowingly learning the material, which can result in better grades in the class....
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