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Sociology 5/7/09 When I hear the word authentic, I think of an object with a verifiable origin, an object with distinct home or background. One example I think of as authentic is food. Food is something that has a verifiable origin, when someone thinks of a specific food, they can usually think of what country it came form. My first thought with food authenticity was with ethnic food. In the United States, there are millions of restaurants that advertise authentic Chinese, Japanese, Thai or Mexican. Although the food is made in America, and not in the actual home country, it is considered authentic because it is the same recipe. Not only is the food made the exact same way, it is usually made by people of that heritage and descent, and the decorations of the restaurant reflect the culture of the country. When food is made
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Unformatted text preview: authentically usually it is well liked, or the restaurant is not always as successful as other places with less authenticity. Other times authenticity is not always the main goal of the restaurant. Some places, like Chinese food restaurants or even fast-food chains like Taco Bell, Americanize their food, in order to make it more popular. Their main goal is not to be authentic, or engorge themselves in their countries culture, but to make a profit. In conclusion, in regards to food, when one uses the same recipe, and that recipe is prepared by someone from that country, and sets the countries culture as the background of the restaurant then the food is seen as authentic....
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