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Unformatted text preview: 1-A) racism, sexism, groupings and sterotypeswhen the US was formed, white men were given rights, black and women had to fightbill of rightsb) stero typing and groupings; clothes you wear, preppy = rich, punk = pour, type of car you drive lambourghini = rich, ford = poor. Appearance vs. stereotyping, appearance is everything will put you into groups even though it may not be true.C) first impressions are everythingD) reduces it, meritical credit gets rid of stereotyping makes admissions focus more on academic ability2-A) based on us, and where you are located. Culture in northeast more industrial. Whereas in south Carolina it is more tourism and agriculture. Culture formed through the want of individuality. How and Why- formed through the desire to be indiviuals, US wants to be different than Mexico. B) authentic- going to china, eating Chinese instead of just ordering Chinese, or eating it here (inauthentic) high culture and low culture, name brands prada vs. k mart....
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