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soc2 - other quickly and effectively because they were all...

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Sociology 110 2/10/09 Networking is an effective way to communicate with other people. Not only is it a good way to communicate with people, it usually speeds up the pace at which the information is passed. For example internet networking sites like Facebook or Myspace speed up the flow of information. Since these sites are easily assessable it is an easy way to get information. Another way of networking takes place in schools. In a high school students can usually be connected to another person through one person, if they do not know them already. In a college, the size of UMASS it would take many more people to be connected to each other. In class an example was given about men and women in the work force, when the men worked in a grocery store, while the women worked in domestic labor. The men were able to receive and pass along their information to each
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Unformatted text preview: other quickly and effectively because they were all together. The women on the other hand who worked in separate houses in different areas away form each other were more restricted on what information they heard, and had less access to find out information. Another example would be in the movie we watched in class. One girl told a friend about her new boyfriend, and then the friend called someone else, and a chain followed until everyone new about the news. The bigger the network is, the more time it will take for information to come, and the information may be distorted or slightly changed (like a big game of telephone) because it is a longer chain. In a smaller network, there will be a smaller chain therefore information will be found out faster, and will be less distorted (like a smaller game of telephone)....
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