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socautobio 3:25 - o Idealized The Family Idealized Claims...

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Autobiography What is the self? Not an entity or essence An ascription Emotions as basis Sorry we tell about ourselves Self as autobiographical narrative Autobiographical Narratives and Accounts Efforts to align behavior with expectations “Orthogonal” to truth How autobiographical narratives differ from accounts Long sequences of events Search for meaning on behalf of narrator Narrative Types of Narrative plots Heroic tales Tales of redemption and repair Conversion stories Tales of connection Autobiographical Occasions Social structures as source of autobiography Tell our own stories, but not under conditions of our choosing Autobiography and biography blend together Photo albums as narratives Chronological Highly selective o Centrality of childhood o Not workplace o Special occasions
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Unformatted text preview: o Idealized The Family Idealized Claims to Realism • Takes on factual quality despite awareness of selectivity • Lack of style • Lack of author Photo albums as narratives of relationships • Peopled o Self less than others o Self with others o Place as marker of relationships Narrative of relationships • Complexity of albums in narrative of relationships Photo album as social product • Individual possession but not individual product o Conventions of photography o Commercial photography o Albums produced by others From literary to sociological analysis • Autobiographical occasions • Socially structured occasions in which we are asked to produce accounts of ourselves • Variety of forms and purposes o Issues for narrator o Issues for audience...
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socautobio 3:25 - o Idealized The Family Idealized Claims...

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