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socautobio - various opportunities I have received from...

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Sociology 3/30/09 Sometime throughout your life, you will be asked to talk about your life, and give a mini biography about yourself. Whether it is during a job interview, college essay or a therapy session, one will be asked to talk about themselves. I have had to talk about myself in many situations. One of these times was when I was applying for colleges. In my application I had to give my name, where I live, where I went to school, how well I did in my school, any extra curricular activities I did, but not only did I have to talk about myself, I also had to give information about my family, furthering their knowledge about myself. I had to write where my parents went to school, what they did for work, and also their financial situation. In my personal essay, I gave further information about myself, talking about figure skating, coaching, and the other
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Unformatted text preview: various opportunities I have received from skating. When finishing handing everything in, I felt that the school knew everything about me. Another situation when one is supposed to give an autobiographical account of their life is in a therapy session. My brother went to therapy from many different reasons, but after one of the sessions I asked what he did. He said that in short he told the therapist all about his life, and his family. He had to go into great detail about how life was growing up, what he did in his spare time, how school was, what he did when he was with his friends, and many other things that seemed mundane. My brother said he felt as though he had told his therapist his entire life story....
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