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Emotions 3/24/09 Emotions as the core of the self o Emotions as internal o Resident in body o Independent of intention o Something we get in touch with o Emotions as basis of uniqueness o Invasion o Apart from convenience o No artifice o Apart from social convention The Breakfast Club Two Questions Answers to questions o Emotions do not simply happen o Emotions can be produced Metaphor of role o Theatrical metaphor o Can learn Varieties of Acting o Naturalistic acting
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Unformatted text preview: o Formal acting o Method acting The Commercialization of Emotions o Hochschild: If we can produce emotions, can produce emotions for sale o Stewardess as case in point Training for emotion work Work and emotions o Bill collector o Teacher o Secretary o Waiter or waitress o Physician o Sales person Not Just Work o Funerals o Weddings o School o With friends Problems: knowing what we feel...
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