socio 3:12 - the practictioner attends his client is stayed...

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The Person Body Snatchers Personhood seems simple: Becky on Wilma: It’s my cousin, She has, I guess you’d callit a delusion or something… She’s got herself think he isn’t her uncle… She thinks he’s an imposter or something, someone who only looks Personhood Complicated Bannel goes to see Wilma How is he different? The person and the self Basic question: If appearance, behavior, even memory don’t make a person a person, aren’t sufficient to establish an identity or self, what do we believe is? Basic claim: that there is some fundamental self, located internally apart from and prior to society Common sense views of self and society Begin with the person Version 1:inborn desires, needs Version 2: the soul An alternative view There is no self What we think of as the “self” is A social creation Derived from roles Goffman: no person apart from the social “to stay in one’s room away from the place where the party is given or away form where
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Unformatted text preview: the practictioner attends his client, is stayed away from where reality is being peformed. The world in truth is a wedding” Gofman: “the self does not derive from its processor, but from the whole scene of his action. A correctly staged and performed scene leads the audience to impute a self to a performed character, but this imputation, this self- is a product of a scene that comes off, and is not a cause of it” A sociological perspective A way in which we think about ourselves Not an entity A belief Not true or false but analytic tool Role and the self In practice, confuse the role with the self Question: how and What is the self? All that is observable is behavior Cane analyze beliefs Can analyze process by which self is enacted How do conceptions of self vary over time and space...
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socio 3:12 - the practictioner attends his client is stayed...

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