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Sociology 4/28 When I was applying to colleges, I thought long and hard about the decisions that lay ahead of me, and I considered all of my options. When it came down to narrowing down the schools I was going to apply to, I realized that the University of Massachusetts was the perfect fit for me, therefore I only applied to UMASS. Since I only applied to one school, I knew my application had to be above and beyond the expectations. I understood the considerations for admission to involve filling out an application stating where I was from, my background, my parent’s background, ect. I also knew I needed my transcript from high school, therefore I made myself committed to achieving the best grades I could get in order to receive acceptance into UMASS. I also knew I needed to take the SATs and get a good score. On top of that I needed to write a personal essay, which gave the
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Unformatted text preview: university a look into my life. On top of just scholastic achievement and merit, I knew UMASS was looking for someone with outstanding extra curricular activities, someone who could stand out as an individual in the huge population that goes to this school. I was lucky enough to have an extensive background in community service, helping out with various organizations. I also had a background in a sport in which I had participated in for 10 years, and had also coached for 3. From my personal experience I believe colleges are looking for students that go above and beyond the expectations. They want someone who can stand out in the massive crowd of students, and they want students who show promise and dedication. I believe that they look at academics, just as much as extracurricular activities, and want students who are well-rounded individuals....
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