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Sociology 110 March 3, 2009 Within my lifetime, many people’s reputations have changed. Most of the time it is a change in behavior, but sometimes it doesn’t have to do with behavior. One example of this is with the figure skater, Michelle Kwan. Her behavior has always been the same, and as she has grown up and won more titles her reputation as a great skater has increased. She went from a relatively unknown skater when she was younger, to the most decorated United States skater, having won 9 national titles, 5 world titles, and two Olympic medals. Her reputation of a great American skater will always be known despite never having won an Olympic gold medal. Another example of someone’s reputation changing is the singing group Milli Vanilli. They were a popular singing group in the late eighties, and even won a Grammy
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Unformatted text preview: award for their music. Then at a concert, the group was caught lip-synching to a song, and it turned out that the two members in the group didn’t actually sing any of the songs, but were placed as the singers because of their looks. The Grammy award was taken away and the group’s reputation and popularity decreased. This is usually common with singers or bands that are caught lip-synching, take Ashlee Simpson for example. Her reputation as a singer was hurt greatly when she was caught lip-synching on Saturday Night live. Even though she came out with new albums, and singles after the incident she never reached the success she had with her first album. Overall even if someone’s behavior has remained the same, their reputation can change, and affect the overall image connected with the person....
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