sociology hierarchy

sociology hierarchy - those who cannot afford the costly...

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Sociology 110 5/12/09 Hierarchy is not always shown with how much money one has. Clothing, Food, and entertainment are all elements of taste, which exude symbols of hierarchy. One example of this is through clothing. Hierarchy is shown through clothing by the brand one wears. When someone wears expensive designer clothes, or accessories, such as Louis Vuitton, Dolce and Gabanna, or Prada, others know that they must have money in order to afford such lavish clothing. Therefore proving a high hierarchy. When one simply does not wear designer clothing, or purchases their clothes at inexpensive stores such as Wal Mart or K Mart, then the people are looked down as a lower hierarchy. Differences in clothes can consequences of inequality between the two groups. Usually I have found it to be true, that those who can afford the luxurious clothes look down upon
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Unformatted text preview: those who cannot afford the costly clothes. Those who wear more simple clothing tend to be made fun of for what they are wearing, and feel embarrassed for not being able to afford the designer clothes. Entertainment is also a way in which hierarchy is judged. A more hierarchy event to attend would be an opera, ballet, or an event at the met. Any of these events seem to be more regal to attend, and more high-brow. Other entertainment events that are more common to an every day person are the movies, or a concert. These can also cause inequality between those who attend the events. Usually tickets to the opera, a ballet, or going to the met are very expensive. Some people who go to these events look down at being at crowded, rowdy concerts, or movies....
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sociology hierarchy - those who cannot afford the costly...

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