sociology nots 2:19

sociology nots 2:19 - Interaction and Meaning o External...

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Interaction Structure and Action Structure: independent of intentions Actions: intentions do matter o “Men make history but under conditions of their own choosing” “The notion of interaction… involves not simply the idea of bare collision and rebound, but something much more profound, namely the internal modifiability of the colliding agent” Interaction in Physical and Biological Science o Chemical reactions o Drug interactions Interaction o Alternative to series of independent forces o Alternative to structure Interaction effects in Statistics o Effect other variable differs depending on the level of another variable Interaction in Conversation o Not just conversation o But o Conversation in which actors orient toward each other Woody Allen in Annie Hall o Actors Speak o Reflect on Response o Reflect on own statement in light of response o Coordinate statements with each other until shared meaning
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Unformatted text preview: Interaction and Meaning o External sources of meaning o May be intention in statements o Evokes response in which intention may or may not be understood o Reflection on response and negotiation over meaning o Meaning as emergent property of interaction “Resisting Vulnerability” o Thirteen focus groups o Focus group as method o Most answers part of “dominant discourse” o Some answers depart from dominant discourse o Discourse of resistance not distributed evenly over groups o Discourse in response to group composition o Most frequent response to women’s resistance is to dismiss o In 1/3 of the cases, resistance met with agreement and support o Meaning not set in advance o Meaning emerges out of initial statements and responses to those statements o Understanding of statements about resistance...
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sociology nots 2:19 - Interaction and Meaning o External...

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