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socpaper5 - was thrilled for the new marriage but she...

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3/25/09 Sociology Occasionally one will be forced to act a certain way when placed in a situation. Whether it be acting sad at a funeral, in love on a date, or happy at a wedding most people have had to act how they are feeling in order to be appropriate at the event. One example I have with this is from my friend. Her father died of a heart attack when she was younger. Her mother eventually began to move on and started dating. Although she pretended to be happy for her mom, she was actually kind of upset, and did not like the guy she was dating. After dating for a long time, her mom and boyfriend got married. At their wedding my friend had to pretend she was happy and put on a smile for her mom and new step-dad, but in reality she was still upset. She sometimes felt that her new step-dad was trying to replace her father, and she didn’t like having to act that she
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Unformatted text preview: was thrilled for the new marriage, but she forced herself to come to the realization that if it made her mom happy, then she was able to force a smile and accept the marriage. Another example I have with is with working. One day I was extremely tired due to being sick all week long. Since I work with young kids and teaching them how to skate, I have to stay up beat and positive throughout the entire lesson. Although I would rather have stayed in bed and rest up, I went to the rink, and pretended to be super enthusiastic about skating and help the kids learn. I knew that if I could act happy and healthy and put on a smile, and be helpful then coaching will be a lot easier than going through coaching being tired and grumpy....
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