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Anthropology Primary literature Introductions Look at the questions that were sent on the email Concept An evolutionary anthropologist asks questions about what happens We don’t just come up with possible answers to the questions but we come up with a body of a theory We need to have the ability to find our own examples for the concepts that were mentioned Scientific disinterest- need to be detached from the experiment and the results so that you report unbiased information in your results Want the questions to be interesting and important in order to be engaged Go onto web of science and find an example of primary scientific research Web of science is a database of articles that is run by isi that index articles that are published in scientific journals Journals are indexed Peer review – review of an article by someone that is in the same field of science as the
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Unformatted text preview: author The reviewers in most cases are anonymous and they make sure that the article is on topic for the journal and make suggestions as to what should be added and removed all in order to make the article better The more important the journal is, they want shorter articles and publish often What do journals look for in an article in order to index it? The citations Can be a good of bad thing if article is cited a lot, it could be b/c it is very wrong The value of the work can be determined by how much they have published and how often they are cited Primary scientific literature – does it contain data? If the literature contains data then it is primary Every study starts with an observation, the PSL will have an observation with data A key point to understand the article is to understand the data...
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