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What constitutes data? - make each column a step - to make a good excel spread sheet - data is systematically expressed What are statistics? - statistics is about a search for general consistencies - the study of quantities - measures a certain characteristics of a sample of dat - ]or what is generaly true about a data - can be divided into two brnaches - descriptive statistics - the mean, is tha average of the data - to calculate the mean you have to add everything up and then divide by the number of cases - using the sicriptive statistic we can generate a better view of data Central tendancy - we can se a descriptive statistic called the mean to measure the height of men using statistics - the mean is a central tendancy the mode is the most freaquent value Inferential statistics - this may lead to sampling error - the smaller your sample is the greater the chance is that you got your data by
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Unformatted text preview: chance -furthermore the data could be bias-another issue is variability -range can be used to measure variability -need to know how variable your data is to form a reliable test -to do inferential statistics we need to go a step beyond a simle description such as variability -we need to calculate other statistics Test statistics -one of the most common test statistic is the t statistic-t statistic can be related to a table-the probability that is associated with the t statistic is the probability that we would get a said result, if there was in real life no difference between men and women -the higher the sample the smaller the value of t has to be to get a really low probability -the p value is a direct assessment of probability -ask if real life would fit with the null hypothesis -...
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