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Hardware+Mnemonist - objects many almost identical to the...

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New York Times Sunday January 10 2010 Metropolitan section page 1 (NJ) What About George? [George Kramer] has a developmental disability, which is obvious to people who meet him, but he also has a rare and less apparent ability: George, 71, has a powerful memory On the surface, a run-down hardware shop in Flatbush might seem an odd place for a person like George to thrive. But if you set aside the sheets of pegboard and the metal cabinets and the key-making machine, what is left are hundreds and hundreds of small, obscure utilitarian
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Unformatted text preview: objects, many almost identical to the casual observer. George can identify each nut and bolt and screw on sight, … and he knows where , exactly, in the store it is kept. He can tell you its cost. And he can tell you the name – and often the phone number – of the company that makes it. His command of the inventory is such that the [hardware shop owner] has never had to invest in a computer to track it....
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