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Revised schedule starting 9/20 9/22 Activity: 2. Lecture and discussion: Specific and common effects of psychotherapy Due: Nothing new due for class Assigned: Read Ch. 1 of Barlow and Craske Mastery of your anxiety and panic, 3rd Ed. (MAP-3) on Sakai, write synopsis 9/27 Activity: 1. Discuss Presentations or exam 2. Remission is the mission 3. Lecture: On which types of psychopathology should common (remoralization) effects either 1) help or 2) lead to remission? (See also 10/4) Due: Nothing due for class. Assigned: 9/29 No Class - Rosh Hashanah 10/4 Activity: Deconstruct MAP -3 with instructor, then in triads Lecture and discussion: Unreinforced exposure to the feared stimulus/situation.
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Unformatted text preview: Due: Wampold synopses 1 & 2 MAP-3 synopses Assigned: Read Wampold, ch.5, write synopsis 10/6 Activity: 1. Discussion The relationships among gender roles, severity, available techniques, directed common sense and forms of psychopathology. Part 1 Due: Wampold ch. 3 & 4 synopses Assigned: Nothing new assigned 10/11 Activity: Discussion in light of Wampold ch 1-4 Due: Wampold Ch. 5 synopsis Assigned: Read Wampold ch. 6, Write synopsis Read Wilson paper, Write synopsis 10/13 Activity: Lecture: Alternatives to Wampold’s views Due: Wampold Ch. 6 synopsis, Wilson paper synopsis Assigned: Read Wampold Ch. 7 write synopses 10/18 Activity: Other evidence: Alternatives to Wampold’s views Due: Wampold Ch. 6 synopsis, Wilson paper synopsis Assigned: Wampold Ch 8 & 9, write synopses...
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