Eriksonianneedlephoibiainduction - Here is an induction and...

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Here is an induction and needle phobia treatment ujsing the Eriksonian story telling method. Obviously, it can be used with kids as well as adults. In general, hypnotizability peaks at about age ten, retreating to adult levels by 14- 16 or so. Jordan was immortalized as a Jaguar who was good at magic in Harry the Hypno-potamus. The Tale which follows includes an adaptation of his marble induction used as a deepening technique. Needle Phobia Jordan was a jaguar, the biggest cat in South America. Some people thought that he was a leopard because he had spots, but his cousins, the leopards, lived a half a world away in Africa and Asia. Jordan could do all sorts of magic tricks. He could make a tennis ball appear out of nowhere, and he could even pull a rabbit out of a hat. There was one thing, though, that he would like to make disappear forever: needles. Jordan needed to be immunized so he wouldn't get sick, and that meant getting stuck with a needle. He was scared of needles. He hated them. Jordan couldn't remember the last time he got a shot, but he was sure that it was bad. Why else would he be so frightened? Jordan's fear got bigger and bigger, like a big black balloon. Just thinking about a shot made his head hurt, his tummy do flip-flops, and his heart beat faster. One day, Jordan told Harry the Hypno-potamus about his fears. Harry nodded his head in sympathy. "I used to be scared of needles, too," Harry said, "but I learned to use self-hypnosis and the magic of imagination to help me when I got a shot." "If you will teach me how to do self-hypnosis, so that my shots won't bother me," Jordan replied, "I'll teach you how some of my magic tricks work." Harry grinned. "You don't have to give me anything in return. I love to do
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Eriksonianneedlephoibiainduction - Here is an induction and...

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