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Paper topic: What can be argued for the four tenable positions about hypnotically refreshed testimony? The key to the Daniels case comes down to several critical questions Did Michael Daniels shoot Chaplain Streett or was the crime done by Rowley? Given that we know that two of the three robbers were Cox (driver) and Edmonds (snitch), was the third person pretty much have to be Daniels or Rowley or could he have been someone else? What were the aspects of hypnosis that would make Time Streett more willing to make an identification? What were the acts after hypnosis that might have influenced Tim’s willingness/ability to make an identification of Daniels (such as photo lineup, picture in the newspaper and TV)? What about the ID by the other people who identified Daniels,. If Daniels didn’t do it, how did those happen. Are the IDs independent or have the other witnesses been influenced by each other and/or the ID process? What about press coverage and cuing? Timeline Prior to 1/12/78There were a group of young African-American (AA) males, aged 17 -25, who were friends and became, in some cases, partners in crime. Daniels is the runt of the litter, smallest and dumbest (IQ=84; about 15th percentile. 1/12/78 Rowley and Cox (almost certainly) rob Drew Geiser at knifepoint after following his car home. They take wallet and watch, then go into his parents' house and take some additional money. On 1/18 Drew is hypnotized by Vandegriff and told he would retain visual image of robber. Afterwards, composite sketch is made that looks like Rowley. (At 2/8 1st lineup, contains Daniels, Drew can't identify anyone. 2nd lineup Drew identifies Rowley, Father ids Cox, mom IDs no one. At Rowley's trial Edmunds testifies that Rowley had confessed to him. Later that evening, about 8:30 Patrick O'Conner is robbed at
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ImprovedDanielsprecistimeline12182010 - Paper topic What...

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