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11/17 Hypnosis and memory: Hurd, Shirley and Daniels Due: Nothing due today Assigned: Read Spanos, Intro and Ch 2, and write synopses 11/22 Film: Film: Parts of Hillside Strangler Due: Assigned: Spanos Ch 3 & 4, and Lillienfeld and Gleaves papers (in MPD/DID FOLDER) write synopses 11/24 NO CLASS – Thanksgiving 11/29 Films: 3 Faces of Eve, and Sybil short clips Assigned (optional) : Read 1.) Borawick decision, 2.) Karlin Borawickfinalgalleys, and 3.) BorawickScheflin1stpaper, write synopses ( papers In Borawick folder)
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Unformatted text preview: Due: Spanos 3 & 4 synopses 12/1 Lecture and discussion: Borawick Due: Lillienfeld and Gleaves synopses Assigned: Prepare for presentations 12/6: Presentations 1 Due: Optional Synopses for Borawick decision and Karlin and Scheflin papers 12/8: Presentations 2 12/13: Presentations 3. Last class Term paper due for seniors graduating in January. (DB + HC). 12/20: Term papers due for those not graduating in January. Put in drop box & mailbox (Tillett 101)...
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zzz1117to1220revisedschedule - Due: Spanos 3 &...

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