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AS101hw5 - faults in their work He used observations that...

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J.I. AS101 5/29/07 Reading Question Chapter 3: #8 8. Who was Ptolemy? How did the Ptolemaic model account for the apparent retrograde motion of planets in our sky? Ptolemy was a Greek astronomer who lived from 100 – 170 A.D. Ptolemy accounted for the apparent retrograde motion of the planets by straying from Aristotle’s concept of perfect circular orbits. He combined the studies of other scholars and analysis of the
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Unformatted text preview: faults in their work. He used observations that were available to him to build a new and unique model to help explain the retrograde of the planets. He came up with a model that the planets travel around in a smaller circle and that smaller circle then travels around the larger circle....
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