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22. According to the _______ theory, visual attention moves continuously from point to point in the visual field. A. visual search B. spotlight of attention C. zoom lens D. selective attention E. flashlight of attention 30. Which of the following lists the structures in order from smallest to largest? A. Papilla, taste bud, taste receptor cell, microvilli B. Taste bud, papilla, taste receptor cell, microvilli C. Microvilli, taste receptor cell, taste bud, papilla D. Microvilli, taste receptor cell, papilla, taste bud E. Taste receptor cell, microvilli, taste bud, papilla 41. The _______ reflex helps us see visual stimuli clearly, even when the head is moving. A. otolithic B. semicircular C. saccadic D. tracking E. vestibulo-ocular reflex 58. Which of the following is NOT a mechanism by which the body’s sensory systems reduce
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Unformatted text preview: their sensitivity when a very strong stimulus is presented. A. The closing of the iris of the eye in bright light B. the acoustic reflex C. the feedback inhibition of periglomerular cells onto olfactory receptor neuron axon terminals D. accommodation of the eye’s lens to refocus the image in front of or behind the retina E. the desensitization of nociceptors in the mouth when you eat chili peppers 62. If you adjust the brightness of a light until it matches the intensity of sourness of the taste of a lemon, you are engaging in A. variety matching. B. cross-modality matching. C. sensory integration. D. cross-adaptation. E. None of the above; the task is impossible....
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