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J.I. AS101 Reading Questions: 2.5; 2.37 5/23/07 5/23/07 5. Explain why we can measure only angular sizes and angular distances for objects in the sky. What are arcminutes and arcseconds? Angular sizes and angular distances are based off of our specific location on the earth and based on the dome that is our apparent view of the celestial sphere. Using the celestial sphere the only method of measuring sizes and distances is subdividing the space into degrees of a circle and using those degrees to measure how much of the circle an object takes up. Arcminutes and arcseconds and further subdivisions of the measurement of degrees, like decimal points on real numbers. 60 arcminutes make up 1 degree, and 60 arc seconds make up 1 arcminute. 5/24/07 37. New Planet. Suppose we discover a planet in another solar system that has a circular orbit and an axis tilt of 35°. Would you expect this planet to have seasons? If so, would you expect them to be more extreme than the seasons on Earth? If not, why not?
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Unformatted text preview: The planet would have seasons. With an axis tilt similar to Earths on the circular path around the central star the New Planet would at set seasons point the northern hemisphere away from the sun while the southern hemisphere is pointed toward the sun, and vice versa, thus creating seasonal effects. As for the extremity of the seasons, that depends. The delta between hot and cold seasons on New Planet may be more extreme than the seasons on Earth due to the extra tilt in the axis. Just as on Earth though, those factors may be changed based on the type of materials and masses in each hemisphere. Earths seasonal temperatures are affected by the water to land ratios in each hemisphere. New Planet may have a similar circumstance and thus the extremity of the seasons could not be accurately depicted with this set of information....
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