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assginment 2 - Xiaojun(Joy Shu BUS M241 Section 1...

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Xiaojun(Joy) Shu BUS M241 Section 1 Assignment 2 Smith’s-the grocery store From my observation and analyze of Smiths, the grocery store two blocks from Provo library, I find out a few aspects that Smith’s is doing really well and a few aspects that Smiths is not doing very well that potentially held customers back. The strengths 24 Hours Running. Smith’s is probably the only grocery store here in Provo that runs 24 hours a day. This helps Smith’s stand out among other grocery stores. Even though 7-11 also runs 24 hours a day, it only sells snacks and very few other things. While, Smith’s is a fair size grocery store which basically has everything you need for your daily life. Smith’s Reward Card. Smith’s gives out reward card to customers for free, we just need to fill out a form about our basic information. The reward card can be used when there are discounts on products, which the discounts are mostly only for card holders. Customers in some way will feel good. And also from Smith’s side, using this reward card help Smith’s
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assginment 2 - Xiaojun(Joy Shu BUS M241 Section 1...

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