lab 2 - Abstract: In the first part of the lab, we tested a...

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Abstract: In the first part of the lab, we tested a force board with three spring scales attached together at a point. These springs were exerting three different forces, and we had to determine whether the force components added vectorially to zero. By assigning each of the springs a scaled value, we drew vectors and graphically determined that because these vectors formed a triangle, the force components added to zero (with experimental uncertainty). In the second part of the lab, there was an air track supporting a glider, and this glider was attached by a string to a small weight. A card on the glider and two photogates helped to determine the acceleration of the glider when the weight attached to it by the string was allowed to drop. After the times, velocities, and acceleration were known of the glider, we were able to determine its mass, and compare our experimental value of that mass to the actual value. There were two trials in the experiment, each with a different weight attached to the other end of the string. When the hanging weight was 10g, our experimental error was -12.5%, and when the hanging weight was 20g, our experimental error was -15.4%. Questions: 1. Newton’s first law states that all objects are either at rest or moving at a constant velocity unless some outside force acts upon the object, causing it to change direction, speed or position. 2. Analysis from the force board attached. After graphing the lines to a smaller scale, one can see
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lab 2 - Abstract: In the first part of the lab, we tested a...

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