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1 - Water and Resource Assignment Part 1:On spreadsheet...

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October 29, 2009 Water and Resource Assignment Part 1:On spreadsheet Part 2 A:On spreadsheet Part 2 B. If I were to have to go to the closets water source and boil all the water before I used it, I would use much less water. My closest water source it the campus pond. That water would have to be boiled before I used it. When boiling water, for every five gallons you boil, you lose about a gallon. If I used the normal amount of water that I use per day, 81.2 boiled, I would lose 16.24. I would have to boil 97.44 gallons. This would take a very long time to do, so I would end up trying to conserve the water that I use. The amount from before doesn’t even contain the food that I eat because I don’t prep my own food. I just eat in the dining commons. When I went to conserve I would look at what I could do. I know that I don’t need fresh water to flush a toilet, so that would save 3.4 gallons per flush which is 13.2 gallons per day. Also when I showered, I would take a quicker shower. This would save another 5 gallons. Also, I would use the same
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