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October 22, 2009 1. The social groups that labor together depend on the occasion. The men do more religious activities while women and children do a lot of the labor. 2. There is an exchange in goods with religious ceremonies. There are exchanges between the lower class citizens and the “upper-class” or “holier” people. Giving the religious leaders drinks wasn’t abnormal to them. It was seen as a part of culture. 3. The culture’s economic activity is much different than the economy that we have here today. They don’t use money like we do. They do use money when they are trading with other countries though. When in the culture they trade among each other. They don’t use this to rank each other. They have other ways to rank each other. This is shown among religious standings. Religion has a lot to do with where they stand in society. Also your status depends on how much work you do. If you’re hard working then you have a higher status. 4.
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