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ward - October 1 2009 1 The ethnographer learned about the...

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October 1, 2009 1. The ethnographer learned about the culture by going and living there with her husband and studying the culture while she was there. She used life stories, event analyzing, mapping, genealogy, social network analyzing, collecting stories, and cultural history. 2. The ethnographer lived in the culture to learn about what was really going on. She became close to the people who lived there. She learned from what they told her. She studied with many other men, which was socially unacceptable there as she learned later on. 3. She used both approaches. When she was working off the money that she received from the grant, she used the scientific approach but when she wasn’t working for them she used a humanistic approach to learn more about the culture. 4. Ward paired up with many other people and eventually they took her to different places. Ward had to travel around the island to get information from different areas. 5.
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