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March 15, 2010 Endocrine Disruptors can be found almost everywhere in the environment. Contamination by them takes a while, due to the fact that they don’t cause much damage at one time, but since they accumulate due to the accessibility of them, they can have extreme effects, especially on humans. One very important issue that is being studied is human-physiological effects. These effects are; reproductive disorders, mental cognition disorders, hormone level disorders, and thyroid and metabolism dysfunctions. The body works off a very delicate system known as the nervous system. These system sends signals to the brain that helps the body react to external events. The endocrine disruptors create adverse affects. They are introduced into the body in low dosages, but they do a lot of damage. They mimic the other hormones and do their jobs; however they don’t allow the correct functions to take place. They create other problems. Over time these problems get worse and
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Unformatted text preview: worse. There are many different types of endocrine disruptors, such as, DDT and BPA. They are in almost everything around us, in plastics and metals, which are things that make up what we live around. When we drink water from water bottles, or give a baby a bottle, there is a high chance that BPA is in them as well as other endocrine disruptors. Now, companies are starting to lower the amounts of BPA and other disruptors from their products, however, there are already a lot in the environment. A large problem with water bottles, is that when you wash them, the soap scrubs away that the outer surface and opens up new BPA and disruptors. This increases the levels that we intake and creates a larger problem. Over time the endocrine disruptors add up and they increase the effects on the body. The effects of endocrine disruptors can be very dangerous and today, companies are trying to fix this problem and clean up the pollution....
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