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February 12 - Economic environmental o People –...

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February 12, 2010 Exam next Friday Review session wed 8:30 in Mahar Invasive Species Definition – a non indigenous living thing that adversely affects the places it invades ecologically or economically Two high profile examples o Zebra mussel – used to weigh down ships, the larva forms got flushed out of the boat. They can reproduce very rapidly. They just need a hard service to hold on to. They cost half a billion dollars to control. They fill up the pipes and rapidly reproduce o Kudzo – plant, chokes out plants, from Asia How they arrive – non indigenous o Accident – zebra mussels o Intentional– kudzu – used to act as a “fence”…OOPS Cultural Food Recreational
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Unformatted text preview: Economic environmental o People – transporting living things They do not plan to release them to the wild o Wooden shipping crates • Costs o Environmental – loss of native species 49% of imperiled species negatively affected by indigenous species o Economic 50,000 non indigenous species in the U.S. $137 billion annual cost (due to damages, losses, and control measures) Grant ragweed (looks like pot) – can reduce corn and soybeans by >50%, causes ragweed. Weed – a plant that has some negative economic effect • Control o Introduce a predator to the invasive species o Hunt/cut down/dig up/spray with pesticides...
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