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February 17, 2010 Over 500 species of resistant insects and mites 17 insect species have developed resistance to ALL classes of pesticides All insect species that vector disease have developed resistance So Let’s Talk About Sex Gamete – a specialized cell that fuses with another gamete during fertilization in organism with sexual reproduction Human Male gamete – sperm Human Female gamete – egg How do we distinguished males and females – o Sex in sponges: sponges of both sexes – blow their load into the water and if they’re lucky they meet up with another gamete and they make another one o Females produce larger gametes Females are often choosier about males due to greater investment Males often compete for mates Use signals to indicate good genes o Ex.elk fighting Pedipalps – male spider organs that deliver sperm o 10%of body o Males remove a pedipalps – can move 50% faster and longer
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Unformatted text preview: • Anyone for lunch o Female wolf spiders o Males who mate 2 nd are more likely to become lunch – “sexual cannibalism” o Eating males produces more and better offspring • Sometimes males are just sperm delivery systems – they attach to the female and take all the nutrients. Sperm producing parasites (angler fish) o Story of my life • Females restricted to number of eggs • Males limited to number of mates(Horney bastards) • Sex in hermaphrodites – male and female all in one o 15% are hermaphrodites o Shes all hot and bothered now o Individuals prefer to be male – use less information o Major conflicts…. . Shoot darts into each other’s heads Flatworms – hurl sperm at one another and in sperm is enzyme that dissolves flesh, reproductive tract doesn’t even work...
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