January 29 - o Experimental treatments assigned randomly to...

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January 29, 2010 Does Rinsing remove all pesticides? – no. it removes 9 of 12. No correlation was made between solubility and rinse ability How did malaria eradication in the us differ from current techniques no new canes in 3 years. Most us cases in Southeast. CDC program – spray houses – continued surveillance Health risks of pesticides Depends on pesticide o Nervous system o Eye/skin irritant o Cancer causing Greater risk for children than adults o Get from diet – eat more per body weight than adults o Still developing and growing o Brain, body and skill developing Pesticides and ADHD study 254 children from birth to age of 3 High pesticides in umbilical cord had higher levels of developmental delays and attention disorder Study not conclusive because o Observational and not manipulative o Are these children identical in any other respect?
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Unformatted text preview: o Experimental: treatments assigned randomly to subjects • Why aren’t there more experiments? o Not ethical to feed people high levels of pesticides o What about organic diets? Long term? Impacts of Pesticides • DDT history and costs • DDT benefits • Current pesticides Alternatives to pesticides • In agriculture o Organic farming o Biological control – lady bugs o IMP (integrated pest management) o Genetically modified crops Used to diminish/eliminate pesticides and manage crops (look above) • Ecological Approach to pest management • Ex. Economic importance of squash in Ma o 40% of vegetable acreage o >%5 million for state o Butternut key crop o Cucumber beetle is major pest Perimeter Trap Crop Kills most beetles by only spraying trap crop...
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January 29 - o Experimental treatments assigned randomly to...

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