March 22 - estrogen turning him female Endocrine disruptors...

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March 22, 2010 Wednesday March 31, 2010 – exam #2 Bring extra credit paper Polluted water and damaged fish on people’s minds Have you seen dead fish in the water? Or caught with sores? The material that they were eating had problems – form construction or other chemicals (could be unknown problems) – are affecting humans as well What defines a male and a female – what is sex? Remember acid rain? Can change the sex of animals Pollution as we used to know it – smoke stacks would emit pollution would rain down into rivers and cause problems Sex change in fish and water pollution o Fathead minnow o Sucker fish o Colorado streams: more streams then males Water pollution comes from what? More males die in early ages than females – unwanted ratio – can cause extinction Likely source – waste water plant that dump polluted water into streams – designed to get rid of things that we can see (not endocrine disruptors) Problem with waste water that is causing them to become female Hormones can affect sex in mature animals – dog had a tumor of fat that produced
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Unformatted text preview: estrogen turning him female Endocrine disruptors fish intersex fish If the fish are being converted to female fish then what happens to us? Potential cause: pharmaceuticals in water 2004 city of boulder and USGS fond concentrations and Nicotine in creaks near Boulder Birth control pills Epilepsy medicine Downstream from waste water plant People flushing their meds down the toilet Pharmaceuticals seeping into water causes. Fish o Lower sperm counts o Damaged sperm o Males becoming feminized Kidney failures in cultures, impaired reproduction in mussels, inhibited growth in algae Drugs on Tap What IS polluted.Acid Rain obvious, but all signs of pollution arent obvious What are the standards to defining polluted? Final thoughts Effects on human sexual traits? Animals other than fish? Developing nations (China, India)...
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March 22 - estrogen turning him female Endocrine disruptors...

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